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Less for cards and wallets. More for you and your customers.

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Fast-growing brands and established companies trust Ivy.

Open Banking

Less Middle Men. More Bottom Line.

Cards & Wallets kill margins and profit. Ivy transfers money directly from customers to merchants, powered by Open Banking.


Why Ivy?

Higher margins

Open Banking enables your customers to pay directly with their bank. You skip intermediaries and their transaction fees, increasing margin.

Global reach

Ivy is already connected to 500+ million consumer bank accounts. Accept payments from consumers in 50+ countries.

Bank-Grade Security

Bank-Grade SCA and Two-Factor Authentication are built into our user flows. Ivy is certified by TÜV, the leading European inspection institution.

User Experience

One Button. 500 million users.

Ivy turns every bank account into an instant payment wallet. Customers pay directly from their bank without any additional effort.

Step 1

Choose Bank

Shoppers choose their bank. Logo, color-grading and CI of their house bank is natively embedded into our checkout flows.

Step 2

Authorize Payment

Shoppers authorize the payment with biometrics like Face ID in their banking app.

Step 3

Receive Rewards

You can pass on a part of the savings to reward your customers. Customers can choose their favorite reward, e.g. planting a tree in a country of their choice.

As a leading global e-commerce group, The Social Chain needs partners that provide international connectivity. Ivy's ML-Driven orchestration of account-to-account based payment infrastructure allows us to offer this new technology across all our markets through a single gateway.

Lion Rasym

Senior Project Manager Finance, The Social Chain
For Merchants

Full Merchant Functionality

Enterprise-grade product suite. The easiest way to add Instant Bank Payments to your checkout.

Enterprise-grade Orchestration

Ivy’s smart routing technology selects the best performing bank connection in real time. Enabling you to leverage optimal bank connectivity via a single integration.


Reward your customers by passing on part of your savings to them. For example, customers can plant a tree or protect 1 QM of forest in Germany with every transaction, at no extra cost.


You can refund directly to the customer's bank account. You can issue refunds in full, partially or automated as a bulk refund.

Real-time transaction insights

Via our API or dashboard you can schedule payouts in customizable intervalls and are able to automatically export all transsaction data for your accounting. With real-time payment status updates you always stay in control of your money flow.

Integration via Plug-Ins & API

Ivy is simply an additional payment button on your site. You don’t need to change your PSP or modify your current payment setup to use Ivy. There are Ivy plugins for all major shop systems. You can also integrate Ivy via our developer-first API.

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