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Customizable Risk Engine - aligned with your risk strategy.

Uncover fraud before it happens. Leverage a powerful risk suite to support your strategy.

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Risk scoring

We access and analyze customers' account and transaction data in real-time. Based on this data our algorithm provides you with a risk score, enabling you to manage transactions according to your risk appetite.

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Rule Builder

Set your own rules with our adaptable risk rule builder. Build customized automations aligned with your risk strategy.

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Black Listing

Block fraudsters and unwanted users with our black listing engine. Include various identifiers like IP adresses, name or account number.

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Your value

A sophisticated risk platform.


Ivy's customizable risk tools allow you to set automations and rules tailored to your organization.

Global coverage

Reduce loss rates and settlement risk while optimizing for user experience and conversion.


Access real-time account data and reduce fraud in 60+ geographies via one unified gateway.

Our Platform

Enterprise grade product suite

Account Information

Stay compliant by using bank-secured data for verification and onboarding.

Smart Routing

Our smart routing engine selects the best bank connection for any given bank, in real-time. Optimized for conversion and success rates.


A global gateway for real-time payments: Boost conversion, fight fraud and cut costs with instant bank payments.



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